Monday, April 6, 2009

World Series of Poker

I want to shed some "lyte" today on blackmail.  It seems that the Senate Republicans are threatening to filibuster certain Obama judicial nominees if the Justice Department releases the more explicit "torture memos".

This is blackmail, pure and simple.  It is amazing that the same people who screamed for a simple up or down vote on judicial nominees suddenly are using the very rules they ridiculed to protect themselves.  If these memos are what is rumored, they will show that members of the Bush Justice Department advocated specific torture techniques.  This could be the smoking gun that would be used for indictments.

I think that the fact that Republicans are going to such lengths to prevent the memos from seeing the light of day is pretty good indicator of how explosive these memos are.  It is ironic to see what lengths the law and order crowd will go to to protect their own.

The Obama administration should call their bluff and release the memos.  The only way to prevent similar things from happening in the future is to let the bright, light of the media spotlight to shine on such dark and dismal machinations.  I am sure that the general public will be horrified that our government sought to sanction such illegal actions in name of security.  And the Republicans need to know that they will be held accountable for their actions.

This is the same party that spent $70 million (seems like such a paltry sum in today's trillion dollar spending spree), to prove that a sitting President was unfaithful and was willing to lie to all of America rather than tell the truth to his formidable wife.  This is the same party that than tried to impeach that President for the lie.  Now they are blackmailing a President to keep their nefarious deeds secret.

Call 'em out Obama.  Put all the cards on the table.  The American people are grown-ups and can handle it.  And if the Republicans try to filibuster your candidates, well, they might be a little too busy for such high jinks if they have to answer for their own crimes. 

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