Friday, August 28, 2009

Hue and Cry

I want to shed a little "lyte" on skin tones today. In case you haven't noticed, our president is black. And boy, does that little factoid piss and the scare the shit out of some white people. They are people out there that can't stand the fact that not only does the leader of the free world not look like them, he has a weird sounding name to boot.

I think we need to change our ways of referring to skin color. Let's start out with white people. Caucasians are not white, we are peach. We need to embrace our true color. If you don't like peach, try taupe or beige. White has too much emotional baggage. We as a people neither need nor deserve the moniker "white", when peach (or taupe, or beige) describes us much more accurately. Peach is humbler. Peach is sweeter. Peach is not an absolute.

Now let's take on black. Again, another absolute with negative connotations. And African Americans are not black. Ebony, chocolate, mocha, all are better descriptions. Since I am trying for an all food theme, let's pick chocolate.

Now we can describe our post racial society as peach versus chocolate. It sounds like a show on Food Network. There's is a lot of hate being spread around out there. We might as well try to make palatable.

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